Who is willing to borrow money in Poland – a woman or a man?

It would seem that the most lavish social group are women who love shopping and are constantly circling shopping malls in search of e.g. a new pair of shoes. Fortunately, these are just stereotypes, and statistics show something completely different. Debts are most often attributed to middle-aged men who borrow more and more willingly, and have more trouble repaying their liabilities. Who and how behaves in the loans and credit market?

Who, where and how much does it borrow on average?

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Women and men in Poland are divided mainly due to age and motivations for taking loans and credits. And that’s how ladies usually choose loans, credit cards and cash loans for smaller amounts, while gentlemen mainly use the money offered by the bank, e.g. mortgage loans.

A statistical Polish woman according to the National Debt Register of the Economic Information Bureau has an average amount of 4.5 thousand to give to the loan company while the Poles only have 3 thousand. Golden. It is different in banks, where as much as 61% of debtors recorded by TLV are gentlemen, for an average loan amount of approx. 62 thousand USD, when the fair sex has to give about 58 thousand. 

Women choose cash loans and credit cards

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– Gender usually borrows smaller amounts to buy new furniture and accessories for the apartment, unexpected expenses or to finance current needs. There are also spontaneous purchases: a loan of 5,000 gold for pants and bag with the logo of a known designer. In turn, men traditionally already borrow from banks to buy an apartment and buy a car. At loan companies, they borrow money on the whims: expensive home cinema or a new smartphone model. Increasingly, men also borrow to buy a motorcycle and then for motorcycle accessories. As you can see, irrespective of gender, there are loans related to whims/

It follows from the above that women are definitely better loans and borrowers than men, both in terms of paying off their financial obligations and the rationality of contracting them. Most women borrow for current expenses related to children or home, i.e. family loans. In this case, the best loans currently available on the financial market are free payday loans, which save the budget and are paid on time are not a cost.

Men take out mortgages for a house or flat

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Due to the fact that men usually earn more, they also have greater obligations, such as a loan for an apartment or a car. This often generates more debt, e.g. in the event of job loss or problems with your own business, and you have to pay back the loan. Payday loans or installment loans can be helpful here, which is much easier to get than another cash loan at the bank.

Compared to the fair sex, men invest more money in passion than in everyday shopping. The most popular purchases among men include cars, motorbikes along with accessories, technological gadgets and large RTV equipment such as TV sets. Quick cash borrowed by men is also a way of running expenses.